27 Dec

‘fewer Americans filed for unemployment benefits’

But how many of those benefits simply ran out, and how many new jobs
are temp or seasonal? I have 2 friends -one in the midwest and one on
the east coast- who have been unable to find full time work for over 2

It’s not a lie if you believe it…It’s a recovery if you believe it??

There is a simple solution to poor US job creation. Show me a country
with weak or ineffective property rights and I’ll show you a country
with a weak economy and high unemployment. It’s that simple.

Just because they call it “reform” doesn’t mean it is.

“patent reform”…America Invents Act, vers 1.0, 2.0, 3.0…

“This is not a patent reform bill” Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA)
complained, despite other democrats praising the overhaul. “This is a
big corporation patent giveaway that tramples on the right of small

Senator Cantwell is right. All these bills do is legalize theft. Just
because they call it “reform” doesn’t mean it is. The paid puppets of
banks, huge multinationals, and China continue to brain wash and
bankrupt America.

They should have called these bills the America STOPS Inventing Act or ASIA, because that’s where they’re sending all our jobs.

The present bill (vers 1, 2, 3, etc) is nothing less than another
giveaway for huge multinationals and China and an off shoring job
killing nightmare for America. Even the leading patent expert in China
has stated these bills will help them steal our inventions.

Patent reform is a fraud on America. These bills will not do what
they claim they will. What they will do is help large multinational
corporations maintain their monopolies by robbing and destroying their
small entity and startup competitors (so it will do exactly what they
paid for) and with them the jobs they would have created. They have
already damaged the US patent system so that property rights are
teetering on lawlessness. These bills will only make it harder and more
expensive for small firms to get and enforce their patents. Without
patents we cant get funded. In this way large firms are able to play
king of the hill and keep their small competitors from reaching the top
as they have. Yet small entities create the lion’s share of new jobs.
According to recent studies by the Kauffman Foundation and economists at
the U.S. Census Bureau, “startups aren’t everything when it comes to
job growth. They’re the only thing.” Meanwhile, the large multinationals
ship more and more jobs overseas. These bills are a wholesale destroyer
of US jobs.

Small entities and inventors have been given far too little voice on
this bill when one considers that they rely far more heavily on the
patent system than do large firms who can control their markets by their
size alone. The smaller the firm, the more they rely on patents
-especially startups and individual inventors. Congress and Obama
tinkering with patent law while gagging inventors is like a surgeon
operating before examining the patient.

Those wishing to help fight big business giveaways and set America on
a course for sustainable prosperity, not large corporation lobbied
poverty, should contact us as below and join the fight as we are
building a network of inventors and other stakeholders to lobby Congress
to restore property rights for all patent owners -large and small.

for a different/opposing view on patent reform, please see…


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