18 Sep

his next reply…

‘Nobody is talking about denying inventors the rights to their work. The problem with patents, as opposed to real property or words on a page, is they are much harder to define and claims frequently overlap. Trolls take advantage of this to sue for infringement and settle for less than the cost of litigating the question to a conclusion. This article is about yet another measure that will reduce the odds of such a strategy succeeding and perhaps reserve the courts for legitimate inventors with solid claims.’

Our response…
‘Nobody is talking about denying inventors the rights to their work’

Yet that is exactly what all these effective and proposed changes do. They make it harder for small firms to get and enforce the rights to their discoveries and creations. Inventors will tell you that is exactly what large infringers are paying Congress and the White House to do (in the guise of ‘legal’ campaign contributions). Gradually what is happening is fewer are willing to start new companies as recent statistics are proving, and it is startups that fuel America’s job creation. Now more than ever America needs new jobs -and not just low paying entry level, menial labor jobs -but jobs for skilled workers and college graduates. Those are the kinds of jobs that America sorely lacks and desperately needs.

We’ve already covered in suit settlements. You only argue. You do not reason. Such is the conduct of thieves.

As I said twice now, the courts and litigants spend millions of dollars and countless hours studying the claims of a patent in suit. If any of the claims are determined to be vague, they will be invalidated. Patent holders spend millions in enforcing their patent rights. If they aren’t confident of their patents, they will not risk their scarce capital -especially small firms, nor will any law firms take their cases if they aren’t convinced the patents are sound as they risk sanctions and fines.

All you are doing is repeating the lies and distortions of large invention thieves. The kinds of issues you espouse are the same worn out, over hyped, imaginary issues that large infringers like to trumpet. Never do they give specifics that can be verified, nor have you made any effort to verify their charges. You sound nothing like a disinterested, objective third party. You have made yourself a puppet for thieving corporations, who in the process of destroying America’s patent system are destroying jobs and the American dream. Yours is not journalism, but public relations propaganda for the wealthy and privileged. You assume everything they tell you to be true and do nothing to back check. Are you a true journalist, or are you a duped or bought puppet? Based on your statements and position, we can only logically conclude the latter.


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