9 Oct

Your author is deluding himself in thinking only large companies create breakthrough technologies. He is grossly mistaken. Throughout the course of history in America and in the world the lion’s share of momentous inventions have come from sole inventors or small firms, at least in part for one good reason. Breakthrough technologies often will displace existing products and technologies which are still quite profitable and which those large firms are heavily invested in, and therefore such inventions are avoided by large firms like the plague. That is unlikely to ever change.

As to who is most responsible for the Internet as we have come to know it, there is one great acid test. Who owns the controlling patents? That may not become public for some years yet due to the present PR spin by giant multinationals and the bias they have created against patents and inventors in their effort to destroy or corrupt America’s patent system so they can rob and destroy their small competitors legally. As a result those inventors may be working in the background and avoiding publicity. Your author is completely lost in the bushes which is common for large corporate wag types. Or perhaps he is just another puppet for the multinationals trying to dupe the public.

As a film distributor once told Walt Disney in explaining why other distributors acted so cooly to his Mickey Mouse film short debut, “they don’t know what they like until someone tells them”. So it is for corporate America and those who shine their shoes.

For the truth, please see


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